Double Cowlick – Meaning and Connotation

October 15, 2016 by Mommy Nurse
double cowlick allegations

Are you aware of double cowlick? What it is and its connotation? To start off, let me discuss where does cowlick originates. As its name suggests “cowlick” came from the domestic bovine’s (animal of the cattle group which includes buffalo and cow) manner of licking its young, which results in a whirling pattern in the hair.
Comparable to human hair, cowlick create segments that grows in an opposite direction from the other strands of hair. This frequently causes section of the hair to stand out or turn in the wrong way just as if you have nonstop static.

Cowlicks, otherwise known as hair crowns, hair whorls, crown whorl or parietal whorl is mostly located on the crown of a person’s head, but they can show up anywhere such as on the forehead, sides, and on the nape. They are often  describe as hurricane swirl or similar to an eye of a storm. Since you can find cowlick at the top of the head it is almost  unnoticeable. That’s why it’s also challenging to observe one’s own cowlick. So, you need someone to look at your head or use two mirrors just to view it. If you’re interested,  try to find out how many cowlicks do you have and I will point out some assumptions about it.

Studies show that hereditary or genetic make-up may influence chances of having it. They form early in life in the womb and once you have a cowlick, you’re stuck with it unless you lose hair or you’ve decided to be baldheaded. 🙂

A single cowlick was troublesome how much  more having double cowlick or rarely more than. (I haven’t seen anyone yet, how about you?) If you possess at least one, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, almost every person  has at least one or single cowlick.

“Do you know that Celebrities or stars as well, do have cowlicks. Let me name some of them:  Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan and many more. Therefore, anyone can have cowlick whether you’re an ordinary person or a magnate. It may also affect both genders. There is no exception. “

Nowadays, cowlicks get extra attention for some outrageous allegations linked to it. There are numerous bogus things people thought about cowlick. Unhurriedly, I’ll indicate these fictitious beliefs  and those with credible reasoning.

Cowlicks and bad hair days

Firstly, it can be troublesome for individuals who want to make their hair lie flat or in a certain hairstyle. Cowlicks are seemingly unmanageable and hence an issue for keeping a fashionable hairdo. Maybe you’ve experienced a bad hair day that makes you crazy, starting when you woke up in the morning and trying to fix your hopelessly stubborn hair whorls that either goes clockwise or counterclockwise pattern. Washing it then combing it repeatedly, trying to get it look perfect and presentable but still, they won’t lie flat nor follow your desired style, because it cannot be controlled and it seems to have its own life. Thus, making it irritating and annoying. Patience during this rough circumstances are required. In this case, a salon treatment was likely needed, you may rely on the hand of a good hair stylist to properly style your hair with special technique.

Well, it’s an edge for women to have long hair as their preference and luckily choose particular coiffure. (Fortunately, I have a single cowlick at my hairline. Thank God I’m a gal with long hair, it holds back because it was pulled by weight). Unlike in men that usually have short haircut, their hair whorls are more visible. Nevertheless, hair products like comb, hair wax, pin, gel and the likes are your weapon for struggling with hair fight.

Cowlicks and handedness

Aside from the fact that cowlicks are causing hair chaos, it seems to have another issue apart from looking great and that is the correlation of cowlicks to a person’s handedness (individual preference for use of hand, known as the dominant hand. Distinctly use for writing and carrying out tasks.) Scientists have found that the direction in which the cowlick whirl, may be identify with hand dominance. According to studies, about 90% of people with clockwise patterns are commonly right handed, on the other hand 50% of counterclockwise patterning implies left handedness. Though its exact connection remains questionable.


Double cowlick relation to autism

Another unproven indictment is double cowlick’s relation to autism. Some suggested that this was associated with higher rates of developmental delays in children, including lag in language development and cognitive impairment. Thus, interfering with their communication and social advancement. You will find many discussions on the internet, as to whether it is really linked to autism or developmental delays or not. Unfortunately, you can’t find anything with concrete scientific evidence. Somehow,  parents with children being diagnosed of autism and evidently has cowlicks are convinced to believe that these two are related. As soon you’ve heard about this, you’ll start googling about the topic and persistently looking for answers. Probably it’s just an old wives tale unless scientists or researchers presents their factual proof. Many people are getting curious and concern when seeing double cowlick. Others are just skeptical about this idea and thought of it as rumor.

Double cowlick and bad behavior

Lastly, double cowlick bad reputation are now circulating because of irrational notion. There is a superstitious belief and most of us were raised to believe, that a child will bring trouble sooner or later if he has double cowlick or more. At one point in our childhood, we used to believe in this concept. Parents are alarmed when noticing more than one cowlick, considering it to be a sign of an individual’s imminent bad behavior. It could be possible, for the reason that it may cause dispute and bullying issues in children but it doesn’t mean that bad behavior or manners are related to cowlicks. A person’s attitude depends on many factors such as parental guidance, social (religion, wealth or family), environmental and of course the individual’s well-being. I think we must open our mind in a more positive and  reasonable rationalization.

The relevance of cowlicks to various accusations are still hypothetical.  We may differ in our chosen beliefs but in the end, we can’t question each other. We need to understand and respect each opinion.


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